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  1. What is Medical Bio-Magnetism or Bio-magnetic pair?
  2. Bio-magnetism is a therapeutic method using common magnets of medium intensity in order to establish a bio-energetic balance in the body and regain health. By placing magnets in a specific part of the body, we can correct energetic dysfunctions and terminate in short period of time any viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites.

  3. What is this therapy about?
  4. It consists in scanning the whole body from head to toe: systems, organs, glandules etc. and locate any alterations in the pH or dysfunctions. It is strongly recommended to use natural fiber based clothing such as: cotton, linen, silk, adjusted to the body. This treatment is a very relaxing one and it is non-invasive. A session might take between 60 up to 90 minutes depending on each patient’s complexity.

  5. Since when does bio-magnetism exists? Who was the founder?
  6. The Magnetic pair was discovered in 1988 and marked a totally different criterion within bio-magnetism and medicine in general by proving that the bio-magnetic charges contain vibrational and energetic resonance. This medical model, the most valuable in the modern era, was discovered by Mexican physician Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.

  7. On what kind of illnesses does Bio-magnetism work?
  8. The majority of all well-known illnesses.

  9. How many therapies does it take? How do I know if Bio-magnetism works for me?
  10. In general terms, it has been verified for optimal results is to have an initial sequence of three bio-magnetism sessions to begin with (to determine if it can work), one session per week; depending on the evolution, it also might be required a monthly log sheet. However, the patient at that point would start to feel those positive changes in his/her health since the first or second session. Regularly, it might be needed an average from three to five sessions, in chronic diseases could take even more, but the actual number would be determine on who the patient reacts to treatment.

  11. What is prescribed along with the therapies? Is it necessary to stop taking medication?
  12. Nothing. We do not prescribe any medication whatsoever. Depending on the patient’s case it can be supported through some nutritional supplements, it all depends on each case. If the patient is taking medication he/she should first undergo the bio-magnetism in order to see the outcome, this may vary.

  13. What are the therapy’s side effects or reactions?
  14. We noticed that many people imagine Bio-magnetism with technological equipment based on electricity, invasive or painful. Patients must be relaxed although this method is completely simple and inoffensive WHERE MAGNETS ARE USED and the patient does not need to take any clothing off.

    After the therapy there could be some reactions such as sleep, fatigue, weakness, headache, thirst, frequent evacuations; this is only temporary and it is a very good sign meaning that the body is reacting positively to the treatment.

  15. What is the difference between traditional medicine and medical bio-magnetism?
  16. Medicine as known to all of us is easy to understand, symptom and pharmaceutical remedy for some time. Unlike bio-magnetism that goes into the origin, what causes the problem and symptoms. This does not mean that both medical treatments cannot be managed in the meantime; they can support each other and complement themselves perfectly.

  17. Is Bio-magnetism similar to the aura, reiki or iridology?
  18. No. This is anon-invasive therapy; as we said, a relaxing one and totally differing from the other alternative medicine therapies.

  19. How does the body respond? How do you know where to place the magnets?
  20. Through a tracking or scanning on all the body with this therapy lasting sometime from 60 to 90 minutes, the therapist literally asks the body for any dysfunctions within. Once they are detected, they are impacted by the therapy magnets so they are exterminated from the body and improving health of patients.

  21. How do I know if the Therapist is certified and actually knows what is he/she doing?
  22. The only person certified to give these seminars concerning Medical Bio-magnetism is its founder Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran to which he extends a certificate validated by the MEDICAL BIO-MAGNETISM RESEARCH CENTER. A tip for anyone who is interested when taking this kind of therapy is by asking where did the professional got certified and what experience does he/she has in this matter;due to a great number of seminars online and people who are giving this seminars when they are not authorized. You must notice that most of the therapists are not Physicians and that is why it is strongly recommended to avoid fraud.

  23. If Bio-magnetism comes from a long way, why is it not well known?
  24. At the beginning, Dr. Issac Goiz created this method with the intent to letting this technique known to the Mexican authorities and the medical world. Although this system was changing the way of doing medicine it was not well accepted, reason why he began training people who were interested in learning this method which got expanded along the country, also the magnetic pair is under development in several countries in Latin-America, Europe and Asia.

  25. What kind of people does not qualify to undergo this therapy?
  26. In case someone has gone or currently going thru CHEMOTHERAPY or have a PEACEMAKER are not candidates for this therapy. If a patient is PREGNANT, she must notify the therapist immediately and who will determine whether or not the therapy can go on, it depends on each particular case. In case the patient has an operation or surgery background there is no problem at all, IT IS CONVENIENT before undergoing any therapy to disclose medical information, the most the better so we can help you the best way as possible.

  27. At what age can someone take this therapy being a child?
  28. Any age. It is recommended to have the parents present in order to give accurate information or to help in case it is necessary.

  29. How does a therapy work when the patient cannot take it and is done thru a third person?
  30. IT IS POSSIBLE. If by any reason, the patient cannot be present or is in severe condition or cannot lay down to take the therapy, a certified therapist in Bio-Energy or second Level Bio-Magnetism can give the therapy in favor to the patient thru someone else (It is preferred to be a close relative). It may sound a little bit controversial or hard to believe but it is possible, if this is your case, contact your therapist for more details.

  31. Where can I do some research as well as to obtain more information regarding Medical Bio-Magnetism?
  32. You can find all kinds of information on the web, sites such as YOUTUBE with a great number of videos, documentaries and some interviews with Dr. ISAAC GOIZ. You can alsofind it on search engines like YAHOO and GOOGLE. Just type: MAGNETIC PAIRS AND/OR MEDICAL BIO-MAGNETISM you may access to web blogs, articles about this topic. Etc.